Onto Summer!

Well, that was fast. I’m not sure it has fully sunk it yet, but I’m sure it will in the next couple of days, or when I get my grades for the two courses I took this quarter. One thing is for sure, I’ve completed my first year in a PhD program. Granted, this is my second first year completed in grad school, so it’s a bit weird.

I had a great year and a great Spring Quarter. I’ve met some great folks and hope the coming years forge long-lasting friendships. The one thing I cherish most from the last year is what lies ahead: teaching my own course. The course is Introduction to Experimental Psychology, so I guess my Master’s degree is going to come in handy after all. It will be during the first 6-week session of the summer. Truly an opportunity, and I am very thankful. I’ve already begun to compile my materials and put together my lectures. The next week and a half is going to be fun (and brutal)!

Another great event that coincides with session A (yikes!) is the summer Research Mentorship Program, where grad students and other researchers can mentor high school students in various fields of research. They get to make their own choice on who they work with, so I have my fingers crossed that I get one and have the opportunity to engage in another passion of mine at the same time as another passion!

I have very few complaints at the moment. Bring on the summer!

William Kaszton - The Perfect Summer


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